Saturday, October 1, 2016

The Bridge!

Kiki here! Here in our neighborhood park, the city is constructing a bridge over the stinky stream so that us pups can go for super long walks without having to cross busy streets. (And yes, maybe some bipeds will use it too!) Anyway, progress has been very slow.

"These beams are doing me and the other pups
no good in this field, grrrrrrr."

"They need to go over there!
That's where the bridge is going to be!"

"Hey Nala! We should help pull these logs,
after all, we are a working breed!

"Have at it Kiki, I''ll supervise.
I'm a little old to work THAT hard!"

1 comment :

The Army of Four said...

Yeah.... I think a supervisory role sounds good. Those look heavy.