Sunday, July 31, 2016

So Scary!

We have a few resident cats living in our alley and there is a new addition, Scary Kitty! See if you don't get get a little scared by her (or his, who knows!) menacing glare! Yikes!

"I'm keeping my distance, Scary Kitty!"

"You better, Kiki, or else!"

Saturday, July 23, 2016

A special treat!

The hot humid weather from the midwest has come to the east coast. It is just TERRIBLE, especially if you are wearing a fur coat. It was so hot that Mom made a special exception and let us hang out in the stinky stream!

"Ahhhh, so cool on my tootsies!"
"Hey fishy, fishy! I see you in the stinky stream!"
"Kiki, we are going  to pay for this stinkiness by getting
hosed off later, but it is worth it for all this happiness!"

Saturday, July 16, 2016

Rock 'N Roll!

"Hey Kiki! What do you want to do today?"
"Well Nala, I think it's time for a nice roll in the grass!"
"Ahhh, freshly mowed!"
"Nothing better on a hot day!"
"Hahaha, my sister is a rolling goof-ball!"

Monday, July 11, 2016

Construction update!

Kiki here! As you know, I have been working for YEARS on my tunnel to Siberia. In the summer months I really like to kick it up a notch as the city is stinkin' hot, all the better to get working harder to get to that frozen goodness on the other side of the world!

"Pretty impressive, right? The peony that was
in the way was removed by me!"

"Next goal is to take out this old lilac bush!
Mom will never miss it!"

"Hey Kiki! The tunnel is so deep that my tail
is already feeling the cool arctic breezes!"

Sunday, July 3, 2016

Seeing double!

Hello! Nala here! Hope all the pups out there and ready for all the scary BOOMS that are going on. Yesterday, before it started up (yup, seems like everyone in the city needs to try out their fireworks before the big day) we took a nice walk and ran into one of our friends!

"Which one of us is Nala?"
"Hard to tell us apart, right?"
"I'm not Nala! I'm her friend Raven!"
"Haha! Here I am! Had you fooled, eh?"