Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Another bad day!

Hi, Nala here to tell you about my very bad day. You think getting a bath is tough? Just wait until you hear the other horror I had to endure lately...a trip to the vet! I am not getting any younger so it was time for a senior health visit, so they stole my blood, my pee and ahem, my poop! I am very healthy, of course, with great mobility (I could have told them that and saved my mom some bucks better spent on treats!) but I did get some bad news...

"I need A DIET?!!!!? Well, I never!"

So I guess more treats are not in my future. I was so unhappy I went outside to sulk. And since it was almost 100 degrees outside, that made my bad day even worse.

"No Mom, I WILL NOT smile for the camera. Grrrrr."

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The Army of Four said...

Oh. You need to switch vets. Ours calls us "perfect" and gives us cheese on a stick. I'm not quite sure what else goes on there, because there's CHEESE! And it's spread on a STICK! I love my vets.
Yours sincerely,
Margaret Thatcher