Friday, July 31, 2015

Guests are the best!

We are hosting my best friend Agnes for two whole weeks while her mom and dad are off getting married! Our mom figured the best wedding present she could give the happy couple is the gift of not worrying for a minute how their pup was doing. Agnes and I are best buddies and play all the time, even first thing in the morning on mom's bed while she is still in it!

"I'm so happy my friend is here! Now if we could just lose
these leashes and go wild!"

"Agnes, your skinny butt
makes mine look enormous!"

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Another bad day!

Hi, Nala here to tell you about my very bad day. You think getting a bath is tough? Just wait until you hear the other horror I had to endure lately...a trip to the vet! I am not getting any younger so it was time for a senior health visit, so they stole my blood, my pee and ahem, my poop! I am very healthy, of course, with great mobility (I could have told them that and saved my mom some bucks better spent on treats!) but I did get some bad news...

"I need A DIET?!!!!? Well, I never!"

So I guess more treats are not in my future. I was so unhappy I went outside to sulk. And since it was almost 100 degrees outside, that made my bad day even worse.

"No Mom, I WILL NOT smile for the camera. Grrrrr."

Saturday, July 11, 2015

Not the best look for us...

Hi! We are still so disappointed with Mom and her stupid work taking up all of her time, so we will do anything to make her pay attention to us, and that includes looking ridiculous.  Here we are after we got home from a walk in the rain:

"Keep smiling Kiki and keep your towel on,
we gotta make Mom laugh more!"