Saturday, September 13, 2014

Make it stop!

I love our country as much as the next pup, but does it have to be so loud? The Blue Angels are here in Baltimore for the big celebration, and between their practice sessions and the performances, I am a nervous WRECK. Even treats can't get me out from under this bed.

And there are going to be fireworks tonight.
I'm never coming out.

Monday, September 1, 2014

Gotcha Day!

Nala and I have the same Gotcha day—Labor Day! I came to live here Labor Day 2011 and Nala came in 2004—this is her 10 year anniversary! Let's take a trip down memory lane....

"I saw the cat sleep here, so I guess
this is where I sleep too, right?
Nala came here after many other stops in her young life—she was born in West Virginia, was dumped in a shelter, pulled into a rescue in Maryland, adopted out twice and returned and she finally made her way to our Mom. She was VERY high energy, had a submissive urination issue so she was not a good fit for a house not experienced in husky crazy. Our Mom, and our late sister Nikki, made her know she had found her perfect home!

I was sooo skinny and not fluffy----yet.
I, Kiki, also came from a home in West Virginia, where I was too much for the young family who had me to handle. They relinquished me the husky rescue that my Mom helps out with. I wasn't fostered with my Mom, she was helping another rescued husky, but as soon as she had an opening I was in! And you know why? Because the moment I met Nala, we played and played and then played some more. Our Mom knew right away that we had to be sisters.

"C'mon Kiki. let's PLAY!"
"Okay Nala, but only if it means I can have
a snack afterward---I've got some growing to do!"