Tuesday, May 27, 2014

It's Wild!

Our mom left us alone for a few days so that she could travel to South Carolina. We were worried she might be lonely without critters to play with but it looks like she found some friends. They were living right outside her rented house!

So pretty and peaceful!
Watch out pretty birdie!!! Yikes!
And what did we do while our mom was off gallivanting about? Between moping and looking out the window, we managed. And the extra guilt trips to the dog park since she's been back are making us at least start to forgive her.

Yay! Our friends!

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Happy Hu-Mom Day!

Today is Mother's Day so we decided to do something special for our Hu-Mom and wake her up EXTRA early so she could go for a beautiful walk with us in the early morning coolness. We're sure she appreciated our thoughtfulness. Here are some pictures of our walk!

Here we are on the banks of the creek enjoying
some grassy goodness. Mmmmmm.

We just had a big rainstorm so everything was extra fresh and green. But after our grass snack, look what I found!

Come on out Mr. Turtle, I want to be friends!

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Best. Picture. Ever.

We seem to be missing half of a husky.

Nala here! A morning at the dog park, an excellent hole (already started by some other pup so I am not totally the guilty party here) and here's a picture of our Mom checking out the contents of the hole. I buried my tennis ball there, then dug it up and chewed off the covering, my favorite! And then we took a hike. This day is the best!