Tuesday, March 25, 2014

We love weekends!

On weekends, our mom likes to take us for hikes in parks around the area so that we can sniff new things and get some of the husky-crazy wanderlust out of our systems. But does she let us off-leash to go channel our inner wolf-ness? Naaaaaah. Too much tempting critter-poop for that to happen.

"What a wonderful peaceful
walk, eh, Kiki?"

"Duck! Geese! C'mon,
let me at 'em!"

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Thanks, St. Patrick!

Here in Baltimore, we were blessed with even more snow! We know that the humans are getting pretty darned sick of the white stuff, but for us, this is a winter that just keeps on giving! Here we are enjoying a little snow-filled relaxation!

A chewy stick, fresh snow,
and my best friend Nala---it doesn't
get much better than this!

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

More of "All my Kitties"

Here in Baltimore, it is getting warmer so the birds are singing, the trees are starting to bud and all the kitties are coming out to see me! Take a look at some of my new friends!

Don't be scared kitty, I wanna be your buddy!

Don't run away! I wanna be friends!

Well, the kitties are not cooperating with my offers of friendship. But I will keep trying every day as Mom knows that once we see a kitty, that location MUST be on our walk route from now on. And she wonders why our walks are taking hours! Hehehehe, there's method to my madness!

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Just Hangin'

We are so bored here while we wait for Mom to finish all her work that we have taken to hanging with the cat! And she is hanging on the floor with us! And yes, those are my favorite toys hangin' with us!

"It is so fun to shed on the carpet, right kittykat?"

"And it is so fun to bop you on your snooter Kiki!"