Thursday, November 14, 2013


As the days grow colder and shorter, Nala and I feel the need to scarf great quanities of grass. And we don't even hurl! What's up with that? Our mom like to think that somewhere in the back of our primordial animal brains we know winter is coming and we've got to get while the getting is good. Little does she know that we just crave a salad from time to time.


Molly The Wally said...

LOL one of your 5 a day???
Have a fabulous Friday.
Best wishes Molly

ra husky said...

Little brofur is always eating grass as well, no hurling though:)


The Websters said...

Me too! I just LOVE grass!


Misaki @ misadventuresofMisaki said...

I like to eat grass too, and rarely barf:-)

The Army of Four said...

I love grass! Yum-erz!!!
Play bows,