Friday, October 25, 2013

Our Checkup!

First off, sorry for being away from our blog and blogging friends as our mom got tons of work, and had to badly neglect us. You would think it would lead to lots of treats for us as she feels so guilty for the horrible loneliness we have had to endure. But NOOOOOOOO. Why? Read on.

Yay, the vet! He always gives me treats! Well, not anymore.

Nala and I had our yearly checkup and we are very healthy. But I got told I am not only fluffy but a little chunky! Moi? Really, it's only that I have so much fur and it weighs so much! Under all this puff I am soooooo emaciated! Really! Anyway I have been put on a little diet. Oh, the horror. And speaking of horror....

I don't trust the vet, not for a minute.

Nala hates the vet and has to be dragged out from under the chair to be examined. And who can blame her, after all the fur on her butt got stolen the last time she was here. But at least she's not being put on a diet! She is at the perfect weight the vet says. Well, la-de-dah. I would call her a bad word that rhymes with witch, but this is not that kind of blog. For now.

Monday, October 14, 2013

World's Weirdest Sled Dog Team

We are watching Aggie this week and walking three dogs at a time is a bit beyond the Mom's physical agility so she has gotten out the coupler and hooked us together. But does she hook the two huskies together? No, she thinks it's funnier to hook the husky and the puggle together for the world's most ridiculous dog team. See if you don't agree....

What's so ridiculous, we both have curly tails!

Nala is grateful that she is not involved in the mayhem.

Friday, October 11, 2013

Rain, rain go away...

2 dogs and one cat. No room for people on this bed.
Here in Maryland, we are being deluged with rain---which is such a drag. What isn't a drag is that my best friend (well, other than Nala) Aggie is staying with us for a whole week! It's a non-stop play session here in the house because we can't really play outside in the driving rain! And when we are not playing, we are on beds, on furniture, everywhere we are NOT supposed to be. But right now, dogs outnumber humans by a large margin, so dogs rule.

Monday, October 7, 2013

Construction Update

Just the right size for my fluffy butt!
As you can see, my tunnel to Siberia is going great! I have nearly cleared the garden bed and after that, there will be no stopping this husky on her quest for frozen goodness.

You gotta work hard to get your nose this dirty!
I am rather pleased with myself. My mom thinks I am lazy, but when it really matters to me, I am up for the job! It's just the things that matter to her I couldn't be bothered with. Sit? Stay? Come here? Ask Nala to do it.

Friday, October 4, 2013

Feel the fluff!

Ahhhh, just a little to the left please!
Here is an action shot from the husky hike...yeah, I'm getting some tummy rubbing action! And how could one NOT want to rub all that delicious downy fluff! Let the other huskies run and pull and be all crazy, I'm happy to be a puffy love-bug.