Thursday, August 8, 2013

Halfway to Siberia

Siberia is colder than Baltimore, right?

Hello, Kiki here! I'm hard at work on my latest project, a very, very large and deep hole that I am digging in the garden behind the doghouse. Shhhhhh, it's my latest escape plan! My last escape plan, backing out of my martingale collar and taking off, ended in failure as I was caught by humans when I got distracted from my goal and stopped to play with my best dog friend Aggie. Now, I'm back on a choke collar and my only hope of escaping is my very deep hole to Siberia in the back yard. I'm super-motivated, because I know there are more treats out there than the meager amount I get in here!

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

An oldie but a goodie.

No matter your age, enjoy your day!

This is our friend who has been staying with us the last few days. He is our neighbor's dog but his owners had to go away for a few days and if anyone knows how to take care of an old husky, it's our mom. He is 14 years old, which is about a million in human years or so it seems. He is very sweet but he gets distracted and paces back and forth all day and all night until he gets really tired and goes to sleep. We like him, but we need our beauty sleep too as we are very tired from waking up for his 2AM pacing sessions. But he is so sweet and loves his walks, the kitty and us, so it's okay. We try to remember that we will be old one day too.