Friday, June 14, 2013

I love my friend!

You are in my chair! You must pay!
Kiki here! Don't I look so excited in the picture? Last week, my best friend (well, other than my sister Nala) Aggie stayed with us while her Mom went home to Scotland. I made sure Aggie did not have a minute to miss her Mom because she was so busy playing bitey-face with me every waking hour. You see in the foreground, my mom missed a LOT of sleep while we played on her head on her bed starting everyday at about 4 AM, so she needed to drink LOTS of coffee to stay awake. And when Aggie went home, I slept for a few days just to catch up on my snoozing, as did my Mom and Nala. I think we are caught up now, just in time for my cousin Opie to come and stay. Opie barks a LOT. Mom says, oh joy.

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