Friday, June 28, 2013

Summer and sled dogs

Too hot to play, let's just sit here and look stunning, eh?
It is summer here in Baltimore and it is hard being a northern breed this time of year. We still go to the dog park to see our friends—check out our handsome malamute buddy—but after just a little round or two of zoomies, we settle in and do our best cow in the pasture imitation. It's tough being so fluffy, but one must suffer for beauty.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Where is everyone?

We're here. Where are our friends?
Nala and I are so lucky to live right next to a beautiful park. We get up early every morning and head down to the park to meet up and play with our doggie playmates. Sometime we get up too early and have to wait and wait and wait. Our Mom wishes we would, for once, sleep in. Sorry, sun's up, we're up! Which is more than we can say for our friends!

Friday, June 14, 2013

I love my friend!

You are in my chair! You must pay!
Kiki here! Don't I look so excited in the picture? Last week, my best friend (well, other than my sister Nala) Aggie stayed with us while her Mom went home to Scotland. I made sure Aggie did not have a minute to miss her Mom because she was so busy playing bitey-face with me every waking hour. You see in the foreground, my mom missed a LOT of sleep while we played on her head on her bed starting everyday at about 4 AM, so she needed to drink LOTS of coffee to stay awake. And when Aggie went home, I slept for a few days just to catch up on my snoozing, as did my Mom and Nala. I think we are caught up now, just in time for my cousin Opie to come and stay. Opie barks a LOT. Mom says, oh joy.