Monday, July 24, 2017

All wet.

It was super hot here in the city this weekend, so our mom thought we might like to get cooled off. We thought she might let us swim in the stinky stream, but she had other plans...a BATH! Sure, it felt good to get all wet, but making us smell all clean and fresh? Here is the aftermath:

"My furs! They are all clean, yuck!
How could mom do this to us?"
"I'm just going to hide here until I can go outside
and roll in something stinky. That will show her!"
"I'm so depressed.
And it will take days for me to dry!"

Monday, July 17, 2017

The Houseguest.

Hello, I'm Agnes and I have been staying with Nala and Kiki this week. It has been a very trying week for me. Look at what I have had to endure.

"This chair is not nearly comfortable enough."
"The rations have been meager."
"And there are strange black creatures in the back yard."
"That Agnes! She is a very demanding house guest!"

Monday, July 10, 2017


"A walk? I don't want to go for a walk,
it is too darned HOT!"
"See these pearly whites? They are looking to take 
a chomp outta anyone who makes me leave my AC vent!
"Got it?
I think I've made myself clear. Grrrrr."

Monday, July 3, 2017

Hanging with friends!

"Hey Nala!
What's happening?"
"Not much, Scary Kitty.
Just hanging on my pretty blue porch."
"Mind if I hang with you Nala?"
"Please do! There's plenty of room for good friends!"

And yes, our mom needs to clean our blue porch, but she is not doing it until it is under 90 degrees outside. And Kiki? She's hiding under the bed to get away from all the darned firecrackers!

Monday, June 26, 2017

Into the woods!

This weekend we went to the suburbs to visit our best friend Agnes and her mom. We took a walk in the woods and had a great adventure!

It was kind of a long ride in the car,
but you will see, it was worth it!
While the young ones played in the stream,
I took a lovely rest in the cool woods.
And look who tried to join us on our walk! C'mon Deer!
We love to have new friends join us!

Monday, June 19, 2017


Henry the husky has been with us for 5 whole days now, and to say the least, it has been a challenge for all of us. Nala is mad because she has to wait sometimes to be walked, Kiki is furious that Henry had the audacity to destroy some of her toys and the cats are sick of being chased. Otherwise, it has been a hoot for our mom! Henry is supposed to go home tonight. He has been a good boy, even though Kiki beat the crap out of him the first night he was here.

Mom can't get all of us into one shot! Too many huskies!
I lead the way, because well, I know the way!
Naptime is the only time there is some peace!
Henry wants to be friends but Kiki will have none of it!

Monday, June 12, 2017

So Hot!

Summer has hit with a vengeance here on the East coast, so there is nothing to do but try to sleep through the worst of it. We both have different favorite spots to snooze!

"Kiki, I love my hole out back! I turn over the soil and
snooze in the shady coolness!"

"Nala, you are NUTS! Inside there is a cool tile floor, a
ceiling fan and air conditioning! Everything a husky needs!"

We need to get our rest, because in a few days, Henry the husky is coming to stay with us for 5 whole days. That is going to be a dog party!!